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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Stick of rock?

 Top - I've had it years so im not quite sure where its from and how much it was.
Jeans - New look £22.49
Shoes - Primark £4
Hair - In one of them buns- Primark £1

Sharnee xxx

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Toe's of the day.

I thought I would show you all what's on my toe nails.
Toes and feet are ugly looking things but oh well we all have them

Technic moonlight jade
Primark top coat glitter.

Whats on your toes?
Sharnee xx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Summer dresses.

So I decide I needed to buy some new summer clothes seen as Mr sunshine is out (Any excuse to buy clothes)
So I got three great dress from asda
I love asda clothes.
They don't look much on the coat hanger by my god they look better on.
Also I love how I look tanned in these pictures hmmmm.

I picked this one up because it's really summery and I love the print this was £ 10 pounds.

  I love how I can wear this for the day time and dress it up a bit and wear it at night .
It's so pretty I also love the cut out bit at the side this was £16 pounds.

Everybody needs a classic shirt dress.
 and how bright and wonderfull is the orange?
 This was £14 pounds.

 Has anybody bought these?
What do you think?
Sharnee xx

Friday, 25 May 2012

Technic Pretty pastels collection.

There are six pretty pastels to collect.
I only bought five because there was a bright orange and to me bright orange doesn’t look very pastel but now I’ve tired these polish I’m thinking of buying the bright orange one and finishing the collection off.
Also I was very big on orange nails last summer that’s all I wore now I’m getting quite big of violet nails.
Hmmm funny how it changes from season to season.
Anyways back to the nail Polish..
 Looby Lou is an orange with pink undertones. I love how unique this polish is. it applied easy enough. I used 3 coats with this nail polish.
 Cherry Boom Boom is a pink with slightly purple undertones. Where seeing a lot of these polish out for summer. I also used 3 coats of this polish to.
  Sweet Violet is a purple colour. I was quite surprised with how much i liked this polish on. i only used 2 coats with this polish.
 Lolli Pop is a violet purple with blue undertones. This polish reminds me of palmer violets sweets. I used 2 coasts with this polish.
 Moonlight Jade is a mint green. It’s a bog stranded mint green. You have to apply this quite heavy handed because this is the only one that dries streaky. I used 2 coats.
I got these polish from body care and there 99p each.
I think its nice collection affordable pastel collection.
There a colour for everybody.
Have you tired this pretty pastel collection?
Sharnee xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Best cupcakes ever you sayy?

 This is a little different to what I normally post.
and I hope everyone loving the sunshine i'm at work :(.
Holly lane Swirly cupcakes
'Light sponge cakes with a yummy flavoured topping ... Tempted''
How could I not share with you all the best cupcakes ever?
They are from aldi and they cost 99p
You get four in a pack.
There so soft that you could actually sleep on them.
They melt in your mouth.
There pink
I could sit here and rant about them all day but instead ill just show you the pictures of the yummy cupcakes.
Have you tried these cupcakes?
Sharnee xxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Superdrug BB Cream

So like everything I’m one of the last people to get on the BB hype.
One of the reasons I’m so late in buying this is because I didn’t understand what it was or did.
What is BB cream?
BB or Blemish Balm is the ultimate all in one cream, combining a moisturiser, a primer, a concealer and a foundation to create a natural flawless-looking complexion in a instant.
I went for light because I’m naturally pale.
But if tired it out and I don’t think I’m a fan it doesn’t give as much coverage as I like so I couldn’t use it on its own. It didn’t really cover my 'imperfections'
And I don’t like buying products and not using them so I’m going to use it as a primer or a base.
This was £6.99 From Superdrug.
Is every one enjoying the sunshine ?
What do you think of the bb cream?
Sharnee xxxx

Monday, 21 May 2012

080 cherry pop colorsensational popsticks

First and four most when I picked one of these up and saw it actually looks like a ice lolly I was coming round to the idea and I picked 080 cherry pop because I really loved the colour on the bottom it was like a really dark pink board line purple reddish..
Then I got home and tired it out and regretted even coming across it. It’s orange! YUP ORANGE!!!!!
I’m so gutted that it comes out orange and the colour only seems to show up on the dry bits of my lips.

So I suppose it’s my own fault for not trying out the colour in boots like I normally do but I thought hey would rimmel lie to me......
I would say these are more of a lip balm tint then a full on lipsticks I must admit they doo smell amazing.
This was £7.17 from boots.

Have you tired these?
What do you think?
Sharnee xx
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